12th Feb, 2018

Bi-Weekly Update 12th February

We know that we have set a fairly high bar for what to expect during the bi-weekly updates. Expectations that are difficult to compete with during every bi-weekly update. These updates are intended to give you a transparent status overview of pending upcoming items, so that you may have insight into what to expect in the most near future as well as any important changes to notify you about.


12th FEBRUARY 2018

HitBTC Status Update
The organisation’s representative at HitBTC has informed the STRAKS team that they are currently prioritising and planning coin launches that were delayed and backlogged due to their ongoing technical maintenance work. The initial communication placed the launch date around the middle of February, this timeframe is looking increasingly unlikely as they are struggling to deliver on all coin integrations rapidly enough, as a result of the unexpected required maintenance work. We are still doing our utmost to ensure that the February window is still met. Therefore we ask for your patience while HitBTC works out the final details for the launch date.

Website Content Restructuring Status Update
The content restructuring of the website is almost complete. We are looking to push the updates out this month (February). The remaining steps to complete the update includes content QA and finally translations across multiple locales that STRAKS looks to support long-term (this may be added post-launch to ensure earlier launch date window is achieved), to ensure maximum worldwide distribution across regions where English is not so predominant. We seek to ensure that our web-presence and related STRAKS content is expanded upon continuously, therefore although when released, it will still continue to undergo changes with content regularly updated and added. This will give STRAKS a more professional presence, to the benefit of potential business partners and investors alike. 

Next.exchange Voting
STRAKS is currently available for voting to be listed on Next.exchange. Once 250 votes have been received, they will evaluate a possible integration to their exchange. We encourage the community to cast their votes to have STRAKS considered for further exchange listings. Please cast your vote on the link below.

Block Explorer Update
The block explorer is currently undergoing final optimisation work. A newer version will soon be released to the market. This version emphasises speed, resulting in faster and more responsive delivery of results when utilising the explorer. An API that has been requested in the past, will also be released. The associated API documentations will be released this week. 

Whattomine.com Contacted
Our technical team has been in contact with whattomine and delivered them the necessary and required API and associated documentations for STRAKS to be implemented. The response concerning integration is pending. We will keep the public updated.

Your Sincerely,