13th Mar, 2018

Bi-Weekly Update 13th March


Electrum is scheduled to be launched in the second half of this year and it is therefore with great pleasure that we are able to inform you, that work on Electrum is progressing well ahead of schedule. It is currently in closed internal beta testing. We expect to be able to release a fully operational and optimised Electrum client to the public very soon.

Electrum is a lightweight client, that allows users to quickly create and access their own STRAKS wallet, without the need to download the entire blockchain.

Electrum is already now available for download, however due to it currently being in a closed internal beta testing, all archives are encrypted. Find further details at https://electrum-stak.org/



Scheduled for release in Q2 is STRAKS-Vote. The platform will give users, investors and community members the opportunity and ability to to raise product, business and marketing proposals for public voting and funding, giving you the chance to become part of STRAKS’ long term success. This as an opportunity for you to propose and realise ideas of your own, that will support and strengthen the future market position of STRAKS. We firmly believe that if the community realises its full potential, that the utilisation of more people involved in the progression of STRAKS, will significantly help to increase STRAKS’ real-world utilisation and perhaps more importantly; its market reach. Once live, we highly encourage the community to get involved and show support through the STRAKS-Vote platform.

The team is happy to let you know, that the vast majority of the platform is already completed. Some minor UX tweaks are still necessary and STRAKS payments will soon be implemented. As always, with any STRAKS product, it will undergo rigorous testing and optimisation before being released to the public. 

Please find screenshots for your consumption of the platform in operation here (with placeholder content for now): https://imgur.com/a/YMQou



STRAKS’ Data Dashboard is nearing completion and is scheduled to go live in the last week of this month (March). All the supporting APIs necessary to give full visibility of all relevant statistics have been built and are now publicly available (https://straks.info/en/api). The Dashboard will give users, community members, investors and business owners a comprehensive overview of all network and market statistics. We firmly believe this is an absolute necessity to ensure full transparency and more importantly to give potential business partners a greater insight into the full impact of integrating STRAKS as a payment solution. Not enough cryptocurrency-projects have fully realised and understood that the real value they can bring to businesses is not just innovation and another payment platform, but more importantly “reach”, resulting in greater brand awareness and ultimately turnover. For that to be transparently evident, data is an absolute necessity to businesses to discern the value of integrating STRAKS.


Discord Sweepstakes

For users new to STRAKS or simply looking to get involved in the community, a channel that runs hourly sweepstakes/giveaways every day, has been made available on Discord. Prizes vary from a few STAK to tens of STAKs every hour. Get involved today on Discord here: https://discordapp.com/invite/PM9j5XQ


Next.Exchange Voting

The voting is still available to everyone (and it is free). We highly encourage the community to submit their daily free vote by accessing the link below and clicking the main call-to-action button. STRAKS currently has 832 votes.



SouthXchange BTC Voting

Thus far STRAKS has gathered 521 votes, which is only 10 more votes since the last update two weeks ago. We strongly encourage the community to contribute towards the public listing voting process, if they are interested in seeing STRAKS on SouthExchange. Just 19 votes separates STRAKS from the top 3 voted coins. A top 3 placement achieved by this Wednesday, would guarantee STRAKS a listing.

Votes are submitted by sending BTC to the address (123yK6b5i8dDQozwdgYPgZ8XUdzbWbk2HN) where 1 vote = 0.001 BTC.



Your Sincerely,