26th Feb, 2018

Bi-Weekly Update 26th February

HitBTC Update

After extensive dialogue, stressing the urgency of launching on HitBTC according to the agreed timeline, we have received an update from our HitBTC representative. Due to their ongoing maintenance and system upgrades, all coin listings have been delayed. The agreement initially placed the listing in February, targeting launch around mid-February. Some community members have been concerned that other coins appear to be listing before STRAKS, even though their Tweet announcement came later than STRAKS’. The date for a tweet announcement is at the discretion of the token/coin owners and are therefore not correlated to when an agreement was signed.

In light of their upgrade and maintenance taking longer than scheduled, the new “rough” timeline received from HitBTC now target a launch of STRAKS near mid-March. We have stressed the importance of ensuring an exact date is scheduled and that we do not miss this new target date. We recognise that the delay is of course not satisfactory to the STRAKS team nor the community or its investors. HitBTC also recognises that the delay is a significant nuisance to everyone involved. They have therefore agreed to give additional marketing support for free, as compensation for the unexpected delay. This will significantly increase STRAKS’ exposure and raise awareness further. Included is an announcement Tweet on HitBTC’s official Twitter account once the market will go live (The original tweet gathered 300K impressions), as well as a Blog post on their website describing the STRAKS project and announcing its listing. We aim to ensure that both of these are targeted for the launch date on HitBTC to fully capitalise on the increased awareness.

Website Update Released

In order to optimise content placement and overall brand perception for users who are new to STRAKS, the website has undergone a makeover. Significant focus has been applied to ensuring that the content appeals to business owners, so as to positively influence potential partnerships, resulting in greater long-term real-world utility. It is important that the website communicates the core essentials and that it visually is aligned to facilitate the full potential of the coin. 

STRAKS is significantly ahead of its market leading cryptocurrency counterparts across numerous technological area. While this is communicated in the comparison chart, that is now available onsite, more effort will be applied to making users aware of this fact both onsite and across social media channels.

Content will continue to be added to the website on an ongoing basis. Further to this, all major languages across the world will eventually be supported on the website, so that users, irrespective of any language barriers, are able to fully understand the value proposition, uniqueness and competitiveness of STRAKS.

Going forward, all updates and announcements will be posted on the official website under the “Insight” section. As per usual, Bitcointalk, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and Discord communities will still be notified whenever announcements and updates become available.

New STRAKS Block Explorer Chart

The charts on the block explorer have received a facelift and been updated with additional essential network data (https://straks.info/en/charts). Users are now able to see the daily number of addresses created, including a cumulative overview since the conception of STRAKS in late November.

This is part of the groundwork necessary, in order to realise the STRAKS-DATA roadmap item. By making all essential network data available, potential business partners can better discern the added value of integrating STRAKS as a payment solution.

STRAKS will continuously work on building out its API support and release more core essential data.

We also want to take this opportunity to remind website and service owners that STRAKS’ APIs have been made publicly available for utilisation here: https://straks.info/en/api

Shared Masternodes Warning

It has come to our attention that various shared masternode services hosting STRAKS is appearing. We strongly recommend everyone to proceed with caution and do their due diligence. Do ensure you put yourself in the strongest possible situation concerning security and eliminate as many risks as you can. The STRAKS team currently do not offer any shared Masternode services nor are any of these officially supported by the team.


A faucet has been made available by the community member (and now supporter) mrmcmichael. Please access the faucet here to get a soft introduction to STRAKS https://t.co/rijdnmGLXA (friend and family members are of course allowed to take part too ;)).

Next.Exchange Voting

The voting is available to everyone. We encourage the community to submit their daily vote and add comments they feel are relevant in support of STRAKS. With over 5400 Discord members, 60,000+ addresses and 6200 Twitter followers, reaching the daily limit of 50 votes should be a simple undertaking to achieve (approximately 8 votes left for today before limit has been reached).


SouthXchange BTC Voting

STRAKS has been submitted to the voting process for listing on SouthXchange. Thus far STRAKS counts 511 votes. Votes are submitted by sending BTC to the address (123yK6b5i8dDQozwdgYPgZ8XUdzbWbk2HN) - 1 vote = 0.001 BTC.



We are pleased to announce that STRAKS has been listed for free on https://coinhouse.eu/. Although they are a nascent crypto-currency exchange, we believe that their overall system, fast confirmations, relatively low fees and positive communication hitherto warrants further exploration by the community for exchange related services. In the spirit of decentralising STRAKS trading, we will continue to add reputable (at the time of listing) exchanges, both infrastructure centralised and decentralised, and encourage the community to support these exchanges as they establish themselves. Please report issues or major concerns to the team and we will act accordingly. 

Exchange: https://coinhouse.eu/markets/stakbtc
Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/coinhouse
BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2612191.0

Crex24 USD Market for STRAKS 

STRAKS was recently listed on Crex24 cryptocurrency exchange platform, where STRAKS is currently trading against both BTC and USD. While we do appreciate that the liquidity is too low to have any significant impact on overall trading volume, the listing forms part of the organisation’s strategic vision on increasing STRAKS’ worldwide accessibility, by ensuring listing across as many exchange sites as possible. We firmly believe that it is in STRAKS’ best interest to ensure listing on new promising exchange platforms, before they become well-established, as this ensures faster listing time and lower associated listing fees.

It is exceptionally rare for a cryptocurrency of STRAKS’ age, to already be tradable against USD - especially on an exchange that accepts deposits and withdrawals through Visa, Maestro, Neteller and Skrill. Although not all regions are yet supported, the exchange is still accessible to 6 billion people and feature a superior user experience to even some of the most reputable and established exchange platforms. We are excited to follow Crex24’s future.

Trading BTC: https://crex24.com/exchange/STAK-BTC
Trading USD: https://crex24.com/exchange/STAK-USD

We also strongly encourage users to try out the decentralised exchange crypto-bridge, where STRAKS is also currently listed (https://crypto-bridge.org/).

Your Sincerely,