28th Jan, 2018

Bi-Weekly Update 28th January

Since last update on the 15th January, our time and effort has been dedicated towards progressing on core business and product development priorities and in relation to that we have an exciting announcement to share with you today.

New Exchange Listing
Historically, coin listing on cryptocurrency exchange platforms has been a quick and easy process. However, due to the rapidly growing number of coins launching on the market today, this is no longer the case. The competition has increased significantly, and there are now approximately 1,500 coins/tokens on the market, which is more than 150 new coins since STRAKS launched on the 20th November 2017. Getting noticed by exchange platforms today therefore require hard work and persistence, to a level previously unseen. It is almost unheard of that a new young currency such as STRAKS is tradable using fiat as a currency. 

It is therefore with great pleasure that the STRAKS brand is able to announce today, that the organisation has engaged in a partnership with Crex24 and is now already tradeable against not only BTC but also more importantly against USD.

Crex24 is still a young exchange but has already been operating for five months, since its launch in August 2017 (BCT ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2101721.0). Crex24 provides users with a state of the art UI and accepts fiat deposits and withdrawals using the most commonly accepted payment methods; VISA, Maestro, Neteller, Skrill and more. Crex24 accepts fiat deposits from Asia, Africa, South America and CIS Countries. The exchange platform is working on expanding its global reach, by eventually allowing additional regions to make fiat deposits, although it is currently already possible to do so from other regions using a VPN service. We do recognise that more regions are desired and as always, STRAKS will continue to ensure that its global reach and accessibility is increased by focusing relentlessly and aggressively on expanding cryptocurrency exchange platform listings.

The two STRAKS markets on Crex24 can be found directly here below



HitBTC & YoBit Update
The team at HitBTC is currently undergoing technical maintenance. This is taking longer than initially projected and therefore HitBTC has been unable to commit to a precise launch date for STRAKS. We are in constant dialogue with our partner and an update will be released once an accurate launch date has been established.

Yobit was applied and paid for last year, but we have not received a response from YoBit as of yet. We have tried to reach them through third party contacts and done everything we can thus far to get their attention (such as having applied again). We will continue to try and reach YoBit and get their attention.


New Team Member
Last week saw the STRAKS team expand further, as Anduflee joined the fold as a graphic designer. He has already contributed greatly on a community level and share the same vision and values as the rest of the team. His addition to the team is therefore well deserved. We hope you will all give him as warm a welcome as we have. 

An online STRAKS forum has been made publicly available. This will be utilised as a one stop station for everything STRAKS talk related - if you are looking for an immediate response, then we still recommend you to join Discord. We highly encourage you to create a user today on the forum and post whenever relevant. The forum can be found here: https://straks.co/

Items currently in development are:

  • STRAKS Website Optimisation; The website is currently undergoing content restructuring and optimisation in order to ensure that the most important and relevant information is made available to potential business partners and investors alike. The updates to the website are expected to be applied later in February and we will be seeking to continuously keep improving our online presence.
  • STRAKS-Vote: The platform is projected to be launched during Q2 this year. Significant process has already been made and it is expected that the voting and funding allocation process will soon be built and tested.
  • STRAKS-Market: The STRAKS-Market is a significant development item and as a result is projected to be launched in the second half of 2018. The infrastructure is currently being developed whereafter the UI and general user experience will be optimised.
  • Undisclosed item: An undisclosed item, that currently does not form part of the publicly available roadmap, is currently having a proof of concept built. Providing we are confident that the POC is working as initially envisioned, the product and its associated specifications will be announced and released.

Yours sincerely,