15th May, 2018

HitBTC Announcement

We appreciate that the numerous delays of recent in listing STRAKS on HitBTC is not acceptable or good business practice. However, we stress that the notion of “best practice” can only be loosely applied in the cryptocurrency sector due to the sector’s rapidly developing nature. Standards are being drafted, disclosure requirements and extensive regulations are on the horizon, and the entire cryptocurrency community is playing its part in driving for higher standards. To the latter, we encourage the STRAKS’ community to continue to exercise professionalism and patience, and foremost to encourage better standards whilst adhering to - and thus promoting - well established business etiquettes.

We can confirm that we were in active and lengthy discussions with HitBTC in relation to concessions as a result of the delays, and to push for prioritization in listing STRAKS. HitBTC’s rational and commendable approach in addressing the issues highlighted allows for an excellent platform to build a valuable and mutually beneficial relationship. The exact details of the concessions and “new” agreement will not be disseminated due to competitive and confidentiality reasons. Note, however, that the nature and higher nominal value of the agreement will become very apparent, to the discerning eye, over the coming days.

It is with great pleasure to announce that STRAKS will be listed on HitBTC on 21st May 2018

STRAKS Trading Pairs will go live on May 21st, for Bitcoin (STAK/BTC) and Ethereum (STAK/ETH)