29th Aug, 2018

Release of STRAKS Gate: A Payment Gateway

The STRAKS team is very pleased to announce the release of STRAKS Gate, a payment gateway back-end that gives developers an easy to use API interface to accept STRAKS payments in their applications.

A ReactJS POS application written to consume the STRAKS Gate API interface supports this release; it nicely demonstrates the use of the back-end functionality and, moreover, the ease through which merchants can deploy a STRAKS Gate enabled solution, and accept, audit, and keep track of STRAKS payments from its customers.

A demo of the POS application can be found at: https://straks.center

Convince your local and on-line merchants to accept STRAKS today!

STRAKS Gate: https://lab.straks.co/straks/straksgate
Example POS App: https://lab.straks.co/straks/react-pos